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Suspended Platform Introduction

                                    Products introduction
It is used for exterior construction,decoration,cleaning Andmaintenance of high rise building,a substiture of Traditional scaffold,and ideal machine,the welding of Seagoing ship in shipbuilding industry,cleaning of oil-based Paint,installation of elevator,big-size tanks and high chimneys,And inspection, cleaning and repair of bridge.

Lower cost
The suspension can sharpen the builders' competitive,Edges through by dramatically reducing the operaiton Period,saving the cost and expenditures by 90% and enhance,The labor productivity by 3 times,while its price is kept as low.As one third of those similar equipment from other customers.

Good after-sales services
The working height can be adjusted with your need.The voltage can be adjusted with your need,Three platform's materials:aluminum alloy;steel;steel with dipping zinc.
Lifting suspension mechanism
The heigh of the platform can be within 1150-1800mm with arm which can be stretched out and drawn back,it can be widely used parapet and complicated building in different,height ,and we can also supply customized.
Platform to meet different requirement from the customers.
Rated stretch of front beam:1500mm
Rated suspending load:8KN*2
The distance between front support and the ground” 1300-1800mm
The max distance between front support and the rear one;4600mm
In addional to provide general used hanging mechanism,we also can supply the special suspending mechanism-parapet wall's device,accoding to various building's according to various building's structure(as follow drawing)